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On Season's End and The Promise of New Woo

How is your year wrapping-up? Do you feel like 2020 is a bigger, more momentous year to wrap-up than the ones that have come before? Do you feel that as this “in-between” space as 2020 closes...the promise of a new year is all sparkly and neon-lit with possibility? I’m kind of giddy with it, TBH. For me, 2020 was such an interesting year of internal investigation, quiet introspection, soft shadow work -- I kinda want to bust-out and bust-a-move in 2021! Wanna come with?

If you’ve been listening to the podcast (or been checking-us out on social media), you know that we’re creating a discussion-based magical laboratory for both seekers and skeptics, where we play with integrating spiritual pathmaking with the richness of modern culture. Two years ago, this was just an idea. The idea became a project, and the project then became a few episodes -- and now we’ve just finished our first season of the podcast (and are dabbling in video) to close-out 2020.

And looking ahead -- what do we hope 2021 might bring? Maybe some interviews with cool people, or book and media reviews, or perchance rambling chit-chat and sneak peeks into my many, many, notebooks? Highly experimental, topics here can include anything from folklore and fairy tales to ancient mythology, psychospirituality to kitchen witchery, avant garde art to hackers, makers and craft, technology and telecommunications to media, math, economics or ecology -- anywhere we can forage and find the sparks, stories, ideas and inventions we can tap into to bring a little bit of magic in our everyday lives...every day. This is Mystic Praxis. Welcome!

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you have any ideas you'd like us to explore, or stories you'd like to share, let me know!

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